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that depends on what you want to register on PayPal with; either your bank account or your credit card. You can set up a paypal account with nothing in it, at the beginning, although you must put one of the above accounts in as details or 'collateral'! However, if you want to use your bank account in this way you must first get in touch with your bank and see what on-line facilities they've got, and answer any questions they may have. (the usual, like your account number; how often you withdraw money; when was the last time you withdrew money, etc.) there is a help file on [paypal.com that you may read. (You can - alternatively - set up with your credit card, straight away, ready for use.

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Evening Flor,
A quick question!
Is it the way to contact bank,  or register with PayPal first?
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Hi Tony,

have you set up an account with PayPal, or are you contemplating doing so?

Setting up an account is much as usual as these things go. there is also a CAPTCHA, with an audio CAPTCHA alternative. if you use the audio, you may need to have a few plays or more before you get it right.

You would usually set up what they call a personal account, attached to either your credit card or your bank account. (For your bank, I believe you should first have on-line banking, and then you may add payPal as one of your account beneficiaries, to use the BoI terminology, so that you can transfer money from your bank account to your paypal account, as needed, or restore money to your account from payPal.) (there is an interest rate on your credit card transactions there.) (when using your credit card, only the last 4 digits are shown.) All of that is explained pretty well at paypal.com >.

Using payPal itself is straightforward: there are no screen-reader accessibility difficulties. You get the usual form of dialogue - email address, password, etc. There is a Forgot your passwoird link that enables you to reset your password if you forgot it. once set up, and armed with your password which you will type in, PayPal is easy and convenient to use.

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Subject: [vip_students] PayPal Tutorial?


I wonder if anyone has a tutorial steps on how to use PayPal?

It might have been put out on the list already!

Appreciated, Thanks,


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