[vip_students] Re: Pasting Copied To Start Menu

  • From: "tony sweeney" <deirton711@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <vip_students@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 12:13:12 -0000

Very good Paul that's exactly what I want, but winkey and M isn't bad either to 
get to the desktop! 

Used do winkey and D which was just a little bit contortionist for me! 

Thanks now; I'm done! 

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  Once you have copied the icon from the \programs\DVDVideoSoft folder as
  described in my previous message do the following to  paste it into the
  start menu folder:

  1. Go to the desktop and then press the tab key to jump onto the "Start
  2. Press the application key or shift + F10.
  3. From the context menu that opens up arrow down to "Explore" and press
  enter, this will then bring you onto the "StartMenu branch of the Windows
  4. Now just press tab key once and you will be within the start menus folder
  itself where if you arrow around you will see such familiar items as the
  programs menu ETC. Just paste in the Free Youtube To MP3 icon here using
  keys, Control + V and you're done.
  5. Use keys, "Alt + F4" to close back to the desktop. Next time you open up
  the start menu and arrow down through it you will see your Free Youtube To
  MP3 icon there ready to use.


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