[vip_students] Re: Outlook Express query?

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You will see that deleteing folders and renaming work in outlook.
At least they do on my Computer. I'm beginning to worry about myself.
keep in by the wall.
Mike, It was noreens letter I meant to answer, but |I see Eddel had answered it 
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  The control y only works in email programmes and the other instructions work 
for deleting and renaming word document  only
  Were you out earlier before you wrote these instructions or am I confused and 
this is more likely nowadays for me to be confused

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    Ctrl Y to get into folders,  go to folder you want to delete,

    2. press delete key, you will be asked are you sure press Y.

    to rename folder just press f2 and you will have an edit field and just 
type in your new name for the folder, and press enter. 
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      Hi Noreen

      I've never been able to answer a question here before so hopefully my 
attempt at answering your second question will be of help.

      To delete or rename folders in outlook express

          - place your curser on the folder you want to delete or rename.  
          - right click your mouse on the folder and choose delete or rename
          - I think you can only delete folders that you have created yourself 
that is, you cannot delete your inbox, drafts, deleted items folders etc.  

      I'm not sure how you do this if your using jaws

      Hope I've been of help.


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        Hi Paul,
        When I press Control& m to send a mail I get the following "e page".  
When I first went on Broadband I did not get this message, so am wondering is 
this anything to be concerned about?
        Question 2.
        How does one delete unwanted folders in Outlook Express or rename 
existing folders?


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