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Hi Paul 

That was a great tutorial! 

Whilst waiting for this I decided to have a go myself and got to no. 10! 

It should be said too that it will take most of us a little time to do all 
this; take your time! (Smile)! 

I'm interested to see about the text facility but I see now that it costs! 

Useful I think for us though. 

I look forward now to a tutorial on checking in online! 

Don't mind if Mick O'Leary remunerates you for this; sure worth it for this! 

Keep flying! (Smile)! 

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  Hi All,


  Below I have drawn up  my experiences on working through the Ryan Air booking 
facility. It was pretty much simple enough and I have written down all the 
various steps that you may go through when purchasing a ticket on this site. By 
no means is this an exhaustive set of instructions but should be enough for 
many of you who are eager enough to give it a try.



  In no way have I been influenced by Michael O’Leary in the making of these 
instructions nor have I received any financial gain by promoting Ryan Air on 
this list. *smiles*


  [Booking Flights On Ryan Air]


  1. Go to the web site address of: www.ryanair.com


  2. Look for the link: "book cheap flights" and press enter.


  3. Once we move into this page we have the following form elements to deal 

  *. Radio buttons.

  *. combo boxes.


  4. In order to understand and work through the forms page correctly, we will 
begin by going 

  to the top of this booking page. Use keys, "control + home" to go to the top.


  5. Now press the letter "R" to move onto a list containing two radio buttons 
named as 


  *. Round trip radio button checked.

  *. One way radio button not checked.

  Notes: for our purpose we will most likely leave the round trip radio button 
checked as it 

  is by default. On some occasions one might use the one way radio button but 
generally it 

  will be the default of round trip.


  6. Press the down arrow to another group of two combo boxes which have the 
following names:

  *. origin.

  *. Destination.

  When you move down arrow into the first combo box, jaws if it is a modern 
version of the 

  product will automatically drop into forms mode and you can then begin to 
choose your 

  current location. If it’s an older version of the jaws product then when you 
arrow down onto 

  the first combo box, you may have to press enter on it to enter jaws into 
forms mode which 

  is a way that jaws has of allowing you to either select text from a list or 
combo box in 

  this case or type text into an edit field.


  Notes: On the first of the two combo boxes, we are asked where we are 
currently?. for this I 

   will use my keys, "left alt + down arrow once to open up the combo box, 
followed by just 

  down arrow to choose the country, city where I am. 

  Here I am going to choose Dublin as my starting position.


  7. Pressing the tab key once after we have made this selection will drop us 
into the next 

  combo box which asks us where our destination is?. Again I will use left alt 
+ down arrow to 

  first open up the combo box list followed by just down arrow to continue 
arrowing through it 

  till I find the place of my destination. for this I will choose Glasgow.


  (Choosing our trip dates)

  On the next section if we press the tab keys again we have a couple of new 
combo boxes. 

  These boxes determine the day and month we are  leaving on our trip and 
returning home 



  8. After having selected our destination we tab key again and are dropped 
into the day combo 

  box. Here we will again use the same techniques as above with the alt + arrow 
keys and 

  choose our departure day/date. for this I am going to choose "6th". Tabbing 
once more I am 

  now in the month combo box, here I choose "August" 

  If I tab once more I have a link to a calendar which I will skip past and tab 
once more to a 

  checkbox which asks the question, are my dates flexible? checkbox not 
checked. If I am  

  happy that my dates are flexible then I can go ahead and check this box, if I 
am on a 

  business trip or just have to be in a place at the correct date and time then 
I will leave 

  this box unchecked.



  [Status and number of passengers)


  In this section I am asked about the number of people flying out and how many 
are adults and 



  9. After finishing off entering my preferred dates I now tab to a new set of 
combo boxes 

  where the first box asks for the number of adults. for this one I set it to 
just one.

  The next combo box I tab too asks for the number of children under 16 years 
so I make my 

  choice and say "0".

  The next box asks how many infants under 2 years of age, again I arrow to "0"


  10 Finally when I tab again I am asked to confirm that I have read and accept 
the Ryan Air 

  agreement and check it with the spacebar.


  11. Pressing the tab key twice after this brings me to a button where I can 
now press the 

  spacebar on and it will check if I can find the  flights I want for the 
information I have 

  punched in.



  Going Out From Dublin - Glasgow (Prestwick)



  (Results of my detailed requirements)

  Below I have cut down the results page that came up after I  entered on the 
search flights 

  and give you only what I was interested in for my travel needs.

  I moved down through each of the returned results and picked out the 
out-going and 

  returning-home flights I was I wanted by selecting the  "radio button"  
appropriate for that 

   flight using my spacebar.


  12. Once I had made my choices I then  tabbed down to the "select and 
continue" link and 

  pressed enter key.


  (Passenger Details) 

  On the next page that comes up we are asked to enter details about the 
passengers who intend 

  to go on these flights. Details such as their names and so on is required.


  1. When the page opens up, press letter "H" to move to the first and only 
heading on this 


  Note: This is a jaws command and by pressing letter "H" will jump you to any 

  headings on a given web page.


  2. Now press the tab key to begin filling out this portion of the on-line 
form. The first is 

  a "combo box" and here we enter the "Title", Mr. Mrs, Miss, using the arrow 
keys to select.


  3. Tab again and here we enter into an "edit box" our first name, tab again 
to another "edit 

  box" and now type in our last name.


  3. Press tab key to a "combo box" where we choose how many bags we have, use 
arrow keys to 

  up and down to select.

  Note: If we choose a 1 or more bags here and then tab to the next box, we 
will see that the 

  next box informs us about what  it will cost us in Euros



  4. Tabbing again is a set of two "radio buttons" and a label telling us, beat 
the cues and 

  by priority boarding, "yes or no". Just use your arrow keys to move between 
these two radio 

  buttons and choose either yes or no.

  Note: If you purchase priority boarding then it can cost you around 8 Euros 
as you will 

  notice once you tab along to the next "read only box".


  5. Tabbing along you will come to country of residence "combo box". Here you 
select the 

  country you come from, in my case I selected Ireland.



  (Text message notification)

  In the next few boxes we encounter  we are asked to choose to have a text 
message sent to 

  our phones.


  1. The next "yes, No radio buttons" you come to  are asking you if you'd like 
to have a text 

  message sent to your mobile, choose whichever you like at this point. Use the 
arrow keys 

  followed by the spacebar to  make your decision.

  Note: Your mobile phone number will be entered on the following page and will 
only be used to 

  send important flight information.


  2. The next "Yes or No set of radio buttons" you encounter ask if you'd like 
to purchase a 

  Ryan Air approved  travel bag. Make your choice using arrow keys followed by 
the spacebar.


  3. Tabbing along you will come to a single "checkbox" which will be 
unchecked. Checking this 

  box indicates to the Ryan Air people that either you or someone else 
travelling with you 

  intend to carry sports equipment or musical instruments. Make your decision 
by checking with 

  the spacebar for yes you or they are carrying some such equipment or leave 
unchecked if no 

  one is carrying such equipment.


  4. When you come to another checkbox, this one is for those who wish to have 

  assistance. Check this box if you or someone else in your party needs this 

  Note: there is a notice to be observed while you consider this option:

  "Please check box to reserve special assistance at the airport for members of 
your party. 

  Failure to prebook special assistance may result in the service be"




  5. The last "checkbox" you come to must be checked as it is your agreement 
that you have 

  read the Ryan Air terms and conditions, use the spacebar.

  6. Now we are on to a review page where we check out our information.


  Contact Details



  1. * TitleDoctorMrMrsMs

  Note: Here use the arrow keys to select your title.


  2. Please select a Country (Combo box)

  Note: Use tab key to jump into this box and then use arrow keys to select the 
country you are 




  3. Lead Passenger Number *(Edit box)

  There are two boxes here, one for an area code and one for the main number.



  4. Mobile Phone Number *

  Enter mobile number for SMS confirmation* indicates required fields

  Note: Just type in your mobile number here.



  5. Retain details for my next visit. (info...) (Checkbox, unchecked)

  Notes: Check this box if you want a record of your details kept so that you 
don't have to 

  input them again in the future.


  6. Billing Address

  Use my contact address.(Checkbox, Unchecked)

  Notes: Using your contact address from the earlier  details you entered will 
save you having 

  to type them in here again. Check the checkbox to make this the default.


  7. Subscribe! (Checkbox, Unchecked)

  Notes: Please check this box if you wish to be added to Ryan air’s subscriber 


  "Subscribers will receive information from Ryan air and our partners and can 
unsubscribe at 

  any time."


  Payment Details


  Payment – Ryan air Vouchers  (View Gift Voucher Terms)xImportant!Vouchers are 

  refundable. There is a €5/£5 (or local currency equivalent) administration 
fee for processing 

  (the purchase of gift vouchers.)



  1. Ryan Air Notice: Your debit/credit card will be debited the following 


  Currency Conversion Offer We recommend you do not untick the checkbox so that 
you receive our 

  guaranteed exchange rate: (Checkbox checked)


  2.  As you tab through the fields the next one you come to in the payment 
section is the 

  choice of payment methods. Use the arrow keys to arrow up or down to choose 
which way you 

  want to pay for your seat on the flight.

  Card/Payment type - More Information Please select...Ryan air 

  *. MastercardRyanair 

  *. 3V Visa 

  *. Prepaid Vouchers

  *. Visa Connect

  *. Debit / DeltaLaser

  *. Master Card

  *. MasterCard Prepaid

  *. Visa Electron

  *. Visa 


  3. Now pressing tab will place you in the card holders name edit box if you 
are using a card 

  such as a master card for example. Note that it may be different if you are 
using some other 

  type of payment method.

  *. Cardholder name (Edit box)  

  *. Name of Account holder (Edit box)  

  *. Card or Account number (Edit box)  

  *. Expiry date (Combo box)

  *. CVV Number(Edit box)

  Note: this is the 3 digit number of your credit card, visa or master card. It 
may be 

  different for other card types.  

  *. Start Date (Combo box) Use arrow keys to scroll through this list. 

  *. Issue Number (Edit box)


  Going Out:  06/08/2010 08:45hrs 

  Dublin - Glasgow (Prestwick) 

  1 x Adult 29.99 EUR 

  Taxes/Fees  30.48 EUR 

  » Taxes and Fees 23.99 EUR 

  » Aviation Insurance/PRM Levy 6.49 EUR 



  1 x Web Check in 5.00 EUR 

  Coming Back:  16/08/2010 21:30hrs 

  Glasgow (Prestwick) - Dublin 

  1 x Adult 19.99 EUR 

  Taxes/Fees  33.28 EUR 

  » Taxes and Fees 26.79 EUR 

  » Aviation Insurance/PRM Levy 6.49 EUR 



  1 x Web Check in 5.00 EUR 


  Travel Extras


  Going Out:  

  1 x 1st Checked Bag (15kg) 20.00 EUR 

  1 x Priority Boarding 4.00 EUR 

  Coming Back:  

  1 x 1st Checked Bag (15kg) 20.00 EUR 

  1 x Priority Boarding 4.00 EUR 

  SMS confirmation 1.00 EUR 

  Travel Insurance 

  1 pax 11 Days 17.00 EUR 




  Total Cost 189.74 EUR 

  Excluding administration fee (if applicable) 


  Finally, press on the  purchase button and if all the details are correct 
then you are  

  through the system and have made your purchase.



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