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Guess you have to give a money subscription.

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Subject: [vip_students] Re: New sites feedback!
From: "Tony Sweeney" <deirton711@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 01/08/2009 6:31 pm

Hi Francis,

Possibly a last on the list re this thread from me!

Love the radio thought, but would it be an idea say as well as including 
text-based newspapers would you consider newspapers that are accessible to 
screen reader users but not necessarily totally text-based?

I know people who say for example get the Irish Times, The Irish Examiner 
and The Indo online!

There is also a great interest (believe it or not) in local newspapers 
still, many of which are also online.

I'm sure,  including your considerable knowledge in technology,  there are 
also a number of visually-impaired  computer users who could assist you in 
determining whether a newspaper is accessible or not for them.

Best of luck!

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> Hi Frank, thanks for the feedback. I'll be adding more over the next week 
> or so and I'll alert the list whenever I update the site. Thanks again, 
> Francis
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