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The soft reset is the same on all Nokia phones. 
* # 7 7 8 0 # 
Then the phone will ask are you  sure? Then you need to press YES 
SoftKey1(button1). Then the phone will ask for Lock code. If you have not 
changed it, changed it, it is 1 2 3 4 5 
followed by OK SoftKey1(button1). Then the phoen will beep and go quiet for a 
few minutes. 
No personal data like contacts will be lost.

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  Hi All,

  Using the N70.  Lately it's started talking when I'm not doing anything,e.g. 
reading home screen details.  Also when I'm in a window, e.g. contacts, messages
  it will revert back to the home screen.  Also when I exit out of for example, 
contacts, messages it will not say for example Vodafone IE...  It will just
  be silent.  I appreciate if there was no network coverage there might not be 
anything on the hone screen to read but I do not think this is the problem. 
  Any ideas? 


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