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MessageHello Roslyn, 
sorry about the last message I don't know what went wrong.
If you contact me directly with your contact details I will go through the 
various setting.
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  Hey Aedan, Noreen and Bert,

  Thanks very much for your help.  Would one of ye mind directing me to keypad 
tones in the phone.  I can never find anything in this phone, if ye wouldn't 
mind.  Thanks very much.

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    Hi Roslyn,
    I had something similar when using my Nokia 6680 with Talks. I found the 
cure was to turn off the keyboard beeps. There seems to be a bug here. 
    Aedan O'Meara. 
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      Hey everyone,

      I have an N70 mobile. 

      I have it less than a year.  I don't think it has fallen that many times, 
seriously I don't remember it having a serious fall to cause this problem.

      In the last while it has started freezing when I am trying to dial 
numbers.  I would be in the middle of typing in the number I wish to dial and 
every time I would come to a particular digit it would turn itself off and back 
on again.

      I could try dialling another number and each time it gets to the digit it 
was freezing on it would be fine.  Then I would try to dial my original number 
again, and again every time I came to that same number it would freeze again.  

      Anybody any ideas?


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