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Although Ray Kurzweil gave his name to the kurzweil 1000, he has moved on from there. K1000 is now owned by Cambium learning technologies. People who've used both say you can't practically scan book-length documents in the KNFB Reader, Classic or mobile edition. It is simpler and slower than K1000, and now uses a camera. there is an art in getting the camera to scan correctly, not so easy for many a person born blind. (I saw this for myself at the Sight Village cork show last year.)

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It doesn't replace the Kurzweil 1000. It replaces the KNFB classic. .

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Hi all,
I recently came on the following links describing the KNFB reader mobile which replaces the Kurzweil 1000 and is designed to run on certain mobile
phones that have flash like the Nokia n82.

This one explains the American NFB and its association with kurzweil. Runs
for 51 minutes! Very good

This one is from the UK. Short.

This one is from the RNIB, not great.

To acquire an evaluation copy of the software, which is rather expensive, do
the following:

First log on to the www.knfb.com web site.
Next register you need log in details.  go to Products,
next to Free trial software download. now to KNFB READER. add this to your basket now proceed to check out. and go through as if you are buying it then at the end you get a link to download the software in a zip

file .


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