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Hi Eleanor,

If you are using Avast latest version on this machine then I suggest you
remove it completely and then try installing the K1000 program. I have seen
instances where Avast has been the culprit in some of these situations.
Also after uninstalling Avast, install this little program I have given you
the link too below and run it. I t may come up the first time asking if you
wish to run it in demo mode, just click on no and it should run. Its purpose
is to clean out any temp folders and other areas of the computer that holds
trash files.


In relation to uninstalling avast, you'll have to do it in safe mode as it
won't allow you to uninstall in the normal  way.
Here are the instructions.

1. After you turn on your computer wait about 3 or 4 seconds and then start
pressing the "F8 key". Press it with about a second of a pause between
2. Eventually a menu will come up, Press the down arrow till you come to
"save mode only" and press the enter key.
3. If you are asked which operating system you want on the next screen, just
press enter key again.
4. After a while it will go into windows in a safe mode operation and will
ask you to confirm this by clicking on "yes".
5. Now while in here, go into "control panel/Add or remove programs" and  go
to Avast.
6. Begin the uninstallation in the normal way and it will be good to go.


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Hi All
I am trying to install this programme on a Samsung NC10 netbook with 2GB
RAM.  It is running Windows Home.  I am unable to install.  It gets to the
final stage almost 99% and then it throws up an error, Windows Installer is
unable to complete the installation error 17 22.  Have used the CD on
another PC so know the CD is not faulty.  Been in touch with Sight & Sound
who are the suppliers in the UK.  Various updates were attempted, e.g.
installed a more recent Windows installer, cleaned up the netbook that that
it needed much cleaning up but went through the process with Malbites,
anti-virus scan, disk clean etc.  Looked on the web to see what this error
was all about and have done everything it suggests.  No luck.  Now some of
you will have noted, I talked in terms of a netbook and we all know netbooks
do not have a CD-ROM drive.  I used an external one.  Sight and Sound Tech
Support then copied over the CD to the hard drive and we tried again.  Still
the same error.  Now Sight and Sound are asking the manufacturers of the
product but I have not heard back and it is about 2 days since we discovered
this error.  Doubtless I will in time but I am wondering if any of you have
knowledge of or experienced such an error and how you resolved it.  Many

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