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Paul, thanks and all tips and advice most welcome. 


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Importing Individual songs Or Albums To ITunes from CD or other sources.

With ITunes open and you having some new songs somewhere on your hard
drive or CD which you wish to have imported into ITunes Library do the

1. Press keys, "control + O" to open up the dialogue box. 

Here you have the traditional "file name" edit box where you can type in
a file name such as a song title or even a location on the computer's
hard drive, external hard disk or CD where you think the song or songs
is located that you wish to import. Generally especially for the first
time if you do a shift + tab to jump into the list of folders on your
hard drive you will by default be in the "music" folder on your PC. If
however the songs or albums are placed somewhere else on your computer
then you will need to navigate to those areas. 

2. To navigate to a location where your songs you wish to import are
located, do the following, while within the "file name" edit box, type
in a location and be as accurate as you can about this. for example, I
have my hard drive broken up into three sections just for ease of use. I
have a "C drive" which everyone will have on their PC but I also have a
section of my drive with a D and another with an E partition which is
nothing more than a chunk of the drive sectioned off so that I can keep
my files and folders tidy. On my D drive section I keep all my music and
recently I have added a couple of new albums which have not gone into
the ITunes library so I want to add them in. 

3. In the "File name" edit box I type in something like the following: 

Note: it will most likely be different for other people; 


As you can now see I have pointed ITunes to look in my music folder
contained on the D drive section of my PC's hard disk. I press enter key
and now I am nicely located within my music folder on the D drive. 

4. Now I must press "shift + Tab" to jump into the list of songs and
album folders contained in here. 

5. Once in this list I can up or down arrow and locate either songs or
album folders that I 

Note: If I have a folder which contains multiple songs which I wish to
add into the library at once then going into the folder and doing a
"control + A" which we know is a select all keystroke will select the
entire list of songs in that folder. Next pressing the "enter key" will
add them into the ITunes library. Remember to wait for that little ding
dong music as it lets us know that the import has completed. 

One more way to move a folder into ITunes can be accomplished as

1. While in ITunes, open the file menu and arrow down to "Add folder".
2. Press enter. 3. Press "shift + Tab" to jump into your folder list. 

4. Once in here arrow down to the folder of songs you wish to add to the
ITunes library and press enter key. Wait for the import to complete and
you're done. 


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