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They are fine for Windows XP pro as well. If you can't work System Restore in Normal Mode by paul's instructions, then try doing it in Safe Mode, which you get to by pressing the F8 key perhaps a few times, just after pressing on the power or reboot button. You will se a screen come up, with trubleshooting or something like that. (there is no speech at this point, and there will be none until Windowss starts, as no extra drivers are loaded.) Arrow up or down to System Restore in Safe Mode (or something similar) and click on it. in any case, you'll need to follow this Safe Mode dialogue - if/when you encounter it - using sight.

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Thank you Paul and Flor. Can I check Paul that instrucvtions below are for Windows XP Pro please? If yes, I will certainly do that thanks.

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Hi Eleanor,

Why don't you try a "System Restore" back to a date when things worked okay.

1. Go into "Start menu then Programs then accessories then system tools and
finally system restore.
2. tab to and press spacebar or click next with the mouse.
3. A calander will come up with different dates. These are possible restore
Note that the only points available to you will be those dates highlighted
in Bold lettering.
4. Pick a bold date, for example it could be a date from sometime early last
5. Tab to and click on next. A warning may come up letting you know that you
shouldn't try and stop the restoration process once it is underway.

This process should take about 5 minutes or so but be patient with it and
leave it to do its thing.
Just one last point, you may be best going into "safe mode" to perform the
above task, however go ahead and try doing it from the normal windows

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I have been having dreadful problems with my PC running Wjindows XP since I attempted to update Superanty Spyware. The computer has started to freeze on every screen possible. If I was on the desk top I would try and select one of the icons but my mouse would not work. I tried another mouse, it still would not work. I took my screen reader off, it still would not work. None of the icons on the desktop would react. I would re-boot my computer and try something different like opening Outlook Express to read an e-mail. This was fine, Outlook Express would open. Then I would read an e-mail and delete it. Following that I would attempt to close OUtlook Express but I could not, it would not shutdown. I would jthen try and click Start Menu with the Mouse but nothing. I would have to reboot the computer. Then I tried an AVG Complete Scan. No virus! I then removed Superanti Spyware and wanted to see what happened. Things have improved considerably but I am
still having freezing.  Another example this morning, I go in to My
Documents and attempt to open a file. I get freezing and try to close My Documents, I then get the message, End Programme which I click on and I am OK again. I would then go in to My Documents again and repeat this complete process, this happened 3 times. I cannot open the document. Now I am wondering if there is some form of strange virus going around because on Friday when this first happened, ironically I had a visitor to my home, this person works with blind people. She did not go anywhere near any of my computers but she told me a very strange story about another blind man and the terrible problems he is having in the past week with his computer. She reported that he was running AVG and there was an option to Update. He did this with the help of a sighted person and everything on his computer, including Jaws has crashed. She says he has to go and reinstall everything again!!!! I just could not believe after hearing this story, then I should
suffer a strange fate too!!!!  Any ideas or any links to some form of
on-line reliable virus scan.  Desperate!!!  Many thanks.


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