[vip_students] Re: Explanation of the GPS and Royal tech devices.

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hi paul, happy new year to you,
do you have any idea how much this equipment costs,
did you get any chocolate for christmas.
thanks for all your help in 2007 and will no doubt be bothering you in the 
present year
regards,  jenny
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  Hi Folks,


  I just wanted to  clarify what some of the items in Robbies mail is about.


  GPS is of course the global positioning system that  is used in cars etc. Now 
it has progressed to being of use to those of us who are blind and need 
something to determine our location in cities etc.


  The following item that he goes on to mention "Royal tek  GPS like mechanism" 
is a little device about the size of a match box that you carry around with you 
in a pocket or somewhere on your person. This is the little device that the 
satellites use to determine your location. It in turns feeds the positions that 
the satellites feed it back to another device such as in our case a mobile 


  Loadstone is a piece of free software that you can install in your phone in 
order for the little matchbox GPS device to communicate with you and inform you 
of your position on the planet basically.

  You can read more about loadstone at the site: www.loadstone.com


  You must use one of the phones that works with the talks speech products.


  Hope this enlightens some of you.






  One of the list members ( Thanks Aidan) enlighten me on the Royal tek  GPS 
like mechanism I'm wondering could some of you who have used this enlighten me 
some more on  what it is, How it works and how well loadstone (which I also 
don't know a hell of a lot about either)  works on it?

  I recently bought  the NokiaE65 which again one of the list members 
recommended (Thanks Bert)


  Any info much appreciated





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