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  • Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 15:17:14 +0100

Hi Joe and all,

Such emails as you have described are doing their rounds. I simply delete
them as they are most likely some sort of malware, spyware or virus and
rather than try to determine which I just delete th em so what you have done
in my book is correct and I would advise anyone else receiving such emails
to promptly delete them also.

As for your other question regarding the permenant deletion of emails from
the deleted items folder. Once you have deleted them from there then they
are pretty much gone unless you hire the very expensive use of people who
specialise in data restoration.


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hi paul, i have just switched on my computer, and after reading your mini
tutorial i found the next e mail read "readme.lfolocyn.pdf,    i don't know
the person from whom the e mail came, so i promptly deleted it, may be i
deleted a genuine e mail, but all the letters following the "readme"  line,
worried me, my deleted e mails go in to a "deleted"  folder, then i delete
the whole folder when i have finished reading all the latest e mails, once i
have deleted the deleted the e mails are they gone from my computer
completely?? or are they hidden somewhere away in my computer?  thanks for
all your help, travel safely, joe.


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