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  • From: "Loretta Conaty" <conatyloretta@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 14:01:02 +0100

Hi All,

As you have seen from my previous post I was having difficulty inserting a
date and time to automatically update on a document.  I have found a very
easy method which should have come to mind earlier instead of making the
task more difficult for myself.  So I thought some of ye maybe interested in
it.  It could be used in a document which you may have to fill in from time
to time but not really suitable for the format of a letter.  

Open the document you wish to insert the date and time to automatically

Go to View Alt and V and down arrow to Header and Footer and enter.

When in here you are placed in the Header and if you wish you can either
place the time and date into the footer by just one down arrow.

Now Select Insert Alt and I and choose Date and Time from the drop down list
and enter.

You are presented with Available Formats in a drop down list and by arrowing
down you can select the one you wish.  Firstly they give you a choice of
dates and then date and time or just time only.

When you have selected the one you require just tab along until you get to
the check box which says Update Automatically check box not checked or
checked and ensure that this is checked so that the date and time will
always automatically update for you.

Now tab to Ok and enter.

Your date and time is now inserted into the Header or Footer Box so just do
Alt and C and this box will close and land you back on the document.

Do a Control and S to save your changes and you have all done now.  

Note if you wish to check that it is working for you , select View/Header
and Footer and when you arrow up or down in this box it will speak the date
and time.  (Alt C to close the box)

Also the date is not visible on the normal screen as it is placed in the
Header or Footer of the document and will be either seen in Print Preview or
on the document when printed.

Best wishes,



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