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Hi Paul

Are the instructions the same for Supernovia and Jaws for tutorial on shortcut Keystroke?


Owen Kyne.
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Hi All,
Welcome to another tutorial. Have you ever wanted to create a desktop
shortcut or has anyone ever mentioned such a shortcut keystroke to you?.
Well here in this tutorial I am going to show you how to make such a desktop
shortcut and we are going to make a shortcut to a folder which we will
create on the computer hard drive.

Further more have you ever wanted to add to that desktop shortcut a
keystroke which would when pressed open up instantly the word program for
example?. Well I am going to try and explain how this is done. Any questions
relating to this tutorial just send them to the list, remember it is here
for you.
Now lets get started first by making our folder on the hard drive.

(Begin Folder Creation)
1. Open your Start menu.

2. Arrow down to "run" and press the enter key.

3. Type in the following exactly: C:\ and then press the enter key.

4. Now you are in the Root C drive of your computer.

5. Press keys "left alt plus letter F" to open the file menu and the first
choices in there will be "new". This new option in the file menu has a sub
menu which you can access with a "right arrow".

6. When you enter the "new sub menu" you will have different options. The
one we want is the first one called "folder" so just press the enter key on
this and then type in a meaningful name for your new folder followed by a
press of the enter key.

Now you have successfully created your new folder on the computer so we now
would like to have a shortcut on the desktop pointing to that folder so that
whenever we want to access the folder we made we can just press the enter
key on the
(Creating the shortcut on the desktop)

1. Press "left alt key plus F4" to close the previous screens we were
working in when we made the new folder.

2. Press and old down the "windows key" on your left hand and with your
right hand press the "letter M " key to bring jaws focus onto your desktop.

3. Now press the "application key on your keyboard which is the "third key"
out from the right side of your space bar and this will open another little
menu of choices.

4. From this menu we will arrow down to where it says "new" and then we will
again "right arrow in here to its sub-menu".

5. When in here we will press the down arrow key till we come to "shortcut"
and then press the enter key.

6. After we have pressed the enter key on the shortcut choice we will be
asked to give the location of our new folder. If you recall we created our
new folder on what is called the "C:\ hard drive" or some people call it
simply "the root drive". To make a path to this folder and to the folder we
created type in the following when prompted:

C:\folder name
The folder name mentioned above should be replaced with what you called your
new folder.

Next press the enter key.

7. The next piece of information you will be asked for is what name you
would like to call your new desktop shortcut. I suggest the same name as
your folder in order to avoid confusion.

8. After typing in the name just press the enter key and presto, you're done
and have just created your desktop shortcut to your new folder.

Take your time doing the above exercises and see how you get on. You can apply the above techniques in most places in windows such as for example: making a folder within your "my documents folder".

Good luck,


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