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> Eleanor.
So cd,s won't come the song names and have to be inserted manual. 

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> Hi Eleanor,
> Why don't you use ITunes to rip the CD to the computer and it will convert
> to MP3 as it goes.
> Paul.
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> Hi all
> I used to be able to do this with Switch Sound Recorder but now I cannot,
> all I get is red X saying that it failed to convert.  I am definitely using
> the software correctly.  Now I want to convbert a music CD to MP3 and am
> looking for suggestions.  I tend to put in the Cd and then go to My Computer
> and from there highlight Music CD and copy the CD to My Documents.  Maybe I
> should not be doing this.  Then like I say I cannot convert, indeed I can't
> even get what I copy to play in WMP or Real Player or even VLC media player,
> do not know why this is either.  Finally once I copy over, the only info I
> have inside my folder is track 1, track 2 etc.  Now I know it is possible
> somehow or other to get the names of the tracks as I accidentally got them
> using WMP which was great.  I have never done this before but what I want is
> not only to read the names of each track but to have them written in each
> file rather than track 1 etc.  Any help much appreciated.
> Eleanor
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