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Thanks Paul for a most comprehensive reply.  I use Microsoft Outlook rather
than Outlook Express but the same instructions obviously apply.

All the best

Paul D

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Hi Paul,

First question, I believe that in order for you to have you're hotmail
emails come into a client such as outlook express you have to pay for that
service. In the past it was free but with Microsoft, not much is free

Second question, If you have more than one email account which you want to
have  set up in Outlook Express t then you set up each of the email accounts
as you would normally. If you then wish to use one of the particular email
addresses when sending an email for example you would first write up the
email and then when you are going to send it you would go into the tools
menu, send and receive and hit enter on one of the email accounts listed in
there which should correspond to any email accounts you previously set up on
your computer, this will then send out the email to the person in the
address field "under the email address of the account which you choose to
send it out from". If you have more than one person using the email program
such as outlook express and you wish to have it so that  whichever person
wants to check their mails and that their mails are private "not mixed up"
with everyone else's then you have to set up what is called in Outlook
Express as "Identities". This means that if three people:
John, Rita and Claire are using the same outlook express on the same
computer then you would set up a separate identity for  each of those users.
When they then access their own identity they will not have any access to
either of the other two persons emails which will be contained  within the
other persons personal identity.

Hope this helps some.


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