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  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:38:34 +0100

hi tony

if you use winamp i notice you can listen to tracks in a album folder and when you down arrow to a different track to listen to it just switches track. this is different than in other players where you have to alt and tab between player and music folder.

but to answer your direct question
when in the album folder you should be able to arrow around to a track in that album and when you have chosen one just hit enter and it will play. also while in an album folder you should be able to press back space and get out of that album and into your main music folder and then arrow to a different album and when opened arrow to a track in this new album folder. know it is confusing but with practice you should be able to navigate in and out of different tracks and albums in your collection.

p.s. a tip for a favorite track folder , just do a search for the genre in the normal search way from the start menu and copy and paste the ones you like into a my best tracks folder which you would have created in your my music folder.

hope this helps
paul h
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Subject: [vip_students] Closing Song But Not Folder

Hi Folk,

Now, when I finish listening  to a song in the my music folderI hit alt F4
but the whole folder closes!

I did try alt F also!

How can I close out of the song and still have the folder open even the

Not a major issue for me but just a slight nuisance!




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