[vip_committees] Picnic in the Dark

  • From: Blaine Clark <thelight9@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 11:10:20 -0400

I'm getting some feedback finally! Here are some great ideas from Susan Lichtenfels and an update on what I've got back so far regarding noise-makers.

Subject:     Re: Picnic in the Dark
From:     susan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With regards to noise makers, in the past we've used buzzers from board games, small transistor radios, jingle bells, people clapping or calling, tapping the target with a cane, etc. We have soccer balls with bee-bees inside and goal-balls with bells inside. We also have two sets of beep bases which are activated through a cord to a switch box. The beep baseballs emit a constant beep so they could be used for baseball or as a sound indicator if placed inside something. I've never found a cheap sound source that's compact and durable.

With regards to games, I'd like to take some more time to get my creative juices flowing on that issue. For now though, I could suggest: dart throwing to pop balloons, beanbag toss with several pots/holes with the center being the winner, clothes line (or suitcase) where they race to dress in every item on the line (or in the suitcase) before the competition, a blind taste test with different fruits/vegetables or a blind grocery guess where you give different items and have them guess what they are. or a sensational scavenger hunt where all items on the list are related to senses other than sight (find an item that is: sticky, smooth, jagged, soft, metal, salty, ticking, floral scented, etc.). If I think of others I'll pass them on.


Other contacts gave me some info on some fairly inexpensive beepers/buzzers and the best so far is at braillebookstore.com/BeeperBox. They're $7 each and that's the lowest price I've found so far. I'll get back with Mr. Okonski of the Lions and find out if they would purchase some for us or share the cost with us after we determine how many we'll need and I'll check about their caterer and get some info to them.


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