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More information on RGB colours are found at

Note that the site says:
To ensure your colors will be displayed to most Internet users as you had 
intended, you should always select your colors from the 216 web safe colors, as 
displayed in the 216 web safe color chart below.

When using colors within your HTML, you can also use the actual color "word" 
for basic colors such as black, white, red, green, blue and yellow. Your color 
code might look something like this:

The site  then lists the RGB values for the 216 web safe colours. These are 
colours that are recognised as being displayed as intended across various 

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  hi Vincent and others who enquired about colour changing in powerpoint.
  I have been working on those rgb colour values as i mentioned putting them in 
afile each for colours beginning with a certain letter i.e. i now have a folder 
with 20 filesin it with titles , a colours, b colours etc
  i have still some fine tuning to do but i can post them now if no one has any 
objections on list to 20 odd file attachments! this because some of us are a 
bit hazy on compressing zipping and unzipping things.

  alternatively i can send them to who ever off list.
  again though i would repeat that in an exam punching in rgb colour codes 
takesup vital seconds and most tutors will, if you know the route that petrina 
described earlier, just click on the colour for you.
  having said this though it is another task that is possible for visually 
impaired persons to do independantly if necessary and certainly one could use 
it 'out of exams'

  keep the faith
  Paul H

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