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  • Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 21:05:22 -0000

Blankhi gerard
thanks for those possibilities , will check them out.
Paul H
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  Hi, Paul,

  There could be many reasons. 

  One is already mentioned that something like a virus checker is jumping in 
and taking focus.

  Another is a more common one. This is where there is dirt in the keyboard, 
the external mouse or, more common again, on the built-in mouse pad in a laptop.

  Another one that was told to me was that the mouse or keyboard may need a 
firmware update to interact properly with a more modern Operating System than 
it was envisaged to work with.

  I know these answers are vague, but it's the best we can do from this 

  Take Care,

  Gerry Ellis

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    Subject: [vicsireland] position changing in word document

    hi folks
    i have a word document open and start typing . perhaps i have 8 or so 
sentences typed  and am about to type some more when suddenly i find i may be 
at the beginning or halfway through the text i have just typed rather than at 
the end of the sentence i have just entered.
    it throws the entered text in a complete scramble and i end up having to go 
through the whole document and cut and paste and rearrange every few minutes.

    it also happens when i am composing e mail too, one moment i am writing the 
e mail and next the system just goes to the main outlook express page. with 
this latter problem i can press alt and tab and get back to where i was 
composing the e mail.

    any ideas?
    many thanks
    Paul h

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