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    Many thanks Cearbhall,  It's amazing how much one forgets I feel a bit of a 
gomb!  You may note the message I posted about function buttons on forms etc.  
As one who is using ms access and fluent in design view how do you manage 
creating function buttons?  

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  There are a number of ways to do this. It depends on what you want to do with 
the data. If you simply want to have the names and addresses in a table in Word 
then that can be done in a few different ways.  The export function is very 
useful for this. The suggestion of using the merge utility is a good one if you 
don't want all the information that is on the Access table. That would allow 
you to arrange them appropriately in the Word file to suit the appearance you 

  I could be more helpful if I understood exactly what you want to do.

  All the best,

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  Hi Gang, 
  I have names and addressin a table in ms access but I want to move the info 
to a word document could someone refresh my memory as to how to do it. Thanks
  Gerry shanahan.

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