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Yeah. I'd agree with Flor, it sounds like a BT problem, try this
though to make sure you have a connection between the router and your
computer assuming you are connecting via a network connection.
1.  Go to run by pressing windows key then r.
2.  Go to the command prompt by typing the letters cmd then hit enter.
3.  Check you are receiving an IP address by typing ipconfig.  press
enter to execute that command.
4.  If you hear media state disconnected and no lines beginning with I
P then you don't have a connection to your router.
If you hear something like auto-conifgure ip address followed by 69
then again, you don't have a valid connection to your router.

Let me know how you get on with those instructions.  If you want of
course, you could just call BT technical support.  I think their
number is something like 1850 923111.

On 19/06/07, Flor Lynch <florlync@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hi eamonn,

It sounds to me like the problem is at the BT end.

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Hi folks,

for some reason, I'm not sure why, I've had no internet service since

I'm using Windows XP, with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox.  My provider
is BT.

The lights on the router seem ok, with one exception: "i/o 100m".    the
other lights are: PWR/SYS, DSL, USB and PPP, all of which light.    The
router is
a Zyxel Prestige 600 .  All connections appear fine, and I do have a (BT)
phone service.

I scanned my pc with Spybot S&D, and  deleted one item.  I noted a restore
point was created before deletion.  how can I locate this restore point,
just in case there's a connection between  no internet service, and the
scan results.    I think I was online after the spybot scan, though.

AVG anti-virus scans found nothing.

The Internet Explorer andFirefox messages are similar, though not
identical - along the lines of, server not found

Am I missing anything obvious?  thought I better check here, before
contacting BT.

Not sure where   to view the status of various devices?

As ever, regards with thanks.


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