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I heard a similar conversation on another station where they were talking about 
someone we all know but I will not mention the person's name. The DJ was 
talking with a runner who said that he sometimes ran with a blind person. The 
conversation went something like ...

Tell me more about this blind runner .

He is great, he has run all his life and has run around 7 marathons.

And has he run in shorter races?

Oh yes, and has achieved a high level within his club.

Wow, that's great ... imagine what he could have done if he could see!

Take Care,

Gerry Ellis

If you don't know where you're going,
How will you know when you get there?

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  Hi Gang,
  By chance had the radio on today fm around 2.15p.m.  Wednesday.  Don't know 
the two Disk jockey guys that were on but they were discussing how awful the 
internet google page with the large font characters looked.  I don't normally 
worry  or am not usually bothered by political incorrectness but they got to me 
for some reason with their comments.  The conversation went something like this:
  "This looks hughrendress"
  "I know, it's awful the letters are so huge"
  "yea, I pressed control and the minus key and the size changed the letters 
look like big spider marks"
  "Yea, it must have been designed by Some guy that was hard of seeing with no 
  "How can I tell google to give me back my old version of the webpage"
  "I don't know..."

  I wanted to tell them to go into font size but I wasn't very sure as to the 
correct instruction.  I thought it funny how they got their Hard of hearing and 
short sighted references mixed up.  If anyone can identify them and put them 
right it would be great.  They were on just before tony fenton. Putting them 
right would be giving them the two fingers and show them we have brains aswell. 

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