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  • Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 14:54:22 -0000

Hi Sarah,


Can't help with any of your queries.


However, it would be better if you sent each question as a separate email,
using an appropriate subject line.


This will help others better track the mails  and also  read them on the
archive at a later date.


Many thanks,


Tim Culhane

list moderator



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Cc: Sarah Mc Nabb
Subject: [vicsireland] couple of questions 


    hi all. 

I have a number of questions that I would like to ask, I decided to put them
all in the same email. 

Firstly was wondering does anyone know the email adress for vodaphone? As I
would like to make a complaint to them about their service, and I couldn't
find their email adress when I went on to the website.


Seconldly does anyone have any notes or advise on how to use Jaws with
outlook express 2010?

3. Is there any way of transfering emails from outlook express onto a memery
stick to transfer onto a computer or laptop?

4. Does anyone kno how to change a skype password and to download the
scripts? so skype is jaws friendly?


Finally does any one, know of a good online Spanish dictory, and transulator
which translates from Spanish to english and vise versa which is jaws


I would be very greatful if any one could help with any of these questions. 

Thanks a million 



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