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Hi Jim,

thanks for that.

I wasn't sure if CDEX has it's own encoders built in, as opposed to using 
whatever encoders are already on your machine.

So, I'll certainly give it a go.



Jim Dunleavy <jim.dunleavy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi Eamonn,
I think cdex (the CD extractor) can batch-convert  wav to mp3.
I also use ffmpeg for transcoding  audio in all sorts of formats and for
extraction audio  from video files.
It doesn't have a GUI though, so you'd need to  be handy with the command 
to use it.
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Hi folks, 

I need advice on obtaining audio encoders, please. 

when I used goldwave's batch converter to  convert .wav to .mp3, I got an 
error message saying no encoder could be  found. 

The same process with Nero,  told me that  I could only use the mp3 pro 
encoder once more before having  to pay for it. 

I could check out the  homepages of these respective programs,  but I 
don't really know what I'm  looking for! 

I've heard of Lame, but  don't think I have it. 

Regards with  thanks, 



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