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  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 13:01:17 +0100

Hi Karen,

I don't agree that Firefox is 'much superior' to IE, unless one is having 
problems with IE.  It is often faster at loading, but much depends on what your 
home page is.  It is smaller, less bloat.  But it does sometimes crash, 
unfortunately.  JAWS works well enough with Firefox; but not as well as it does 
with IE.  

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  Hi Flor

  To be honest I don't use Jaws, so had only heard second-hand that it was 
compatible with Firefox and Thunderbird.  Certainly, though, the page I cited 
at the bottom of my last email did confirm some difficulties in terms of 
compatibility. Something for programmers - hopefully at both companies? - to 
work on, I hope, since Firefox is much superior to IE (certainly, much superior 
to IE6 and below - and IE7 is just a rip-off of Firefox!) and it would be a 
shame if it wasn't accessible to Jaws users. 



  On 16/10/06, Flor Lynch <florlync@xxxxxx> wrote:
    Hi Karen,

    have you found thurnderbird able to work with JAWS7 and above?  JAWS' main 
competition, Windoweyes, works much better with Firefox than JAWS; and even 
Eric Damery of FS isn't too happy with Firefox' performance with JAWS in the 
upcoming (soon to be released) version 8 of JAWS.  

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      Subject: [vicsireland] Re: Vics training day

      Hi Sean

      What email client are you using to receive your emails?  When I used 
webmail alone, I had to change my address several times, as then the spam 
fighters were rather poor.  Now I use Outlook Express on my desktop PC and 
Thunderbird on the laptop.  If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, you can 
download a plug-in called SpamFighter at www.spamfighter.com.  It wasn't as 
straightforward to download in my case as I'd like, but does seem to 
effectively recognise spam.  There's a 'blacklist' for specific email addresses 
(as well as a 'whitelist' to make 100% sure mail from your 
friends/newsletters/whatever gets through) and a 'blocking' feature, which 
actually blocks the content of the email (not only to you but to everyone who 
uses the program) which is more effective since of course spammers use a 
multitude of different addresses.  The instructions about how to use all the 
program's features are offered to you at installation, and are available at any 
time on the website.  Apparently you should keep an eye on the Spam folder the 
program creates for about a month after you install it, as an odd piece of 
legitimate marketing email for which you have signed up may end up there; you 
can then tell SpamFighter to allow this.  Also, if a piece of spam gets through 
to your inbox, you can tell it to filter this to spam.  In other words, it 
learns what's legitimate and what's not. 

      The above is a bit like marketing for that product!  Sorry, I do tend to 
go on about things, but just want to give a full picture.  So far I've found 
SpamFighter quite an effective too, and I like the fact that as soon as any 
user blocks an email, no one who uses it will get that same email.  Anyway the 
full version of the program is available for a 30 day trial.  If you want to 
keep SpamFighter after that you can get the free version (or you can pay for 
the full version, but I don't think there's enough extra features to justify 
the cost).  

      As far as Thunderbird goes, it has a built-in anti-spam tool, which I 
have also found rather quite effective.  It too 'learns' what is spam and what 
is not; all you have to do is hit a button on the toolbar.  By default, what 
Thunderbird considers spam is marked as spam, but annoyingly is not filtered to 
the 'Junk E-mail' folder.  This is easily rectified by going to the Tools menu 
and selecting 'Junk Email Controls...' from which you can select the settings 
appropriate to you. You can even start a spam log if you want to keep track of 
how much you're getting.  Of course, check the spam folder until you're 
confident that no legitimate email is getting through - if welcome email is 
classified as 'Junk', the 'Junk' button on the toolbar becomes 'Not Junk' and 
you simply click that to tell Thunderbird, and it will be safe from now on.  

      Thunderbird is Mozilla's version of Outlook Express, and in many ways 
bears a striking resemblence to that program.  I find OE slightly easier to use 
to be honest, but I like supporting shareware products and not market 
monopolies when I can ;-)  You can get Thunderbird from 
www.mozilla.com/thunderbird .  Whilst on that subject, Mozilla's web browser, 
Firefox, is - for those who don't already use it - much better that Internet 
Explorer, and I really recommend that anyone who doesn't have it gets it!  Both 
programs are compatible with Jaws 7.0 and above, though I understand that there 
are a few teething problems (see 
http://kb.mozillazine.org/Assistive_technology_compatibility ).

      There are other anti-spam tools of course, not that I know anything about 
their usage though. Have a look at 
http://email.about.com/cs/winspamreviews/tp/free_spam.htm for reviews of ten 
free programs.  The first one, POPFile, sounds quite good as it filters the 
spam at the POP stage before it gets to your email client (if I'm reading that 
correctly), though the negative side is that it's a uses a wee bit too much CPU 

      OK, I have gone on for far too long as I always tend to, but hopefully 
there's something vaguely helpful somewhere in the above mire of words.  Good 
luck with cutting down on the spam however you proceed. 



      On 12/10/06, Sean Loftus <seanlofty@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
        I enjoyed those, too, and look forward to an early repeat performance.
        In the meantime, can anyone on the list recommend a simple, effective 
        of dealing with the large amount of spam and junk E-mail which I have 
        receiving recently?
        I know of one individual who felt it necessary to change his E-mail 
        because of this.
        Does the treatment really have to be so drastic?

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        >From: Tony Murray <tony.g.murray@xxxxxx>
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        Subject: [vicsireland] Re: Vics training day

        > Hi Sean,
        > I'm so glad you found the day useful, and thanks for your support.
        > You are right.  It is a great tribute to VICS, the fact that some of 
        > members came along and gave up their free time to make this possible.
        > Everything VICS does is based on voluntary work on the part of those
        > involved.  It just proves to me that others are as passionate about 
        > organisation as I am.  For that reason, I love to see an event like 
        > Saturday's training day pay off.
        > Seeing people gaining knowledge, having a good time, and becoming 
more and
        > more confident in the use of their technology is payment enough in my 
        > opinion.  I get a great sense of personal satisfaction, knowing that 
        > things I do as Chair of VICS, works to empower my fellow Blind and
        > Impaired people in the field of technology.  I have an excellent 
        > around me, and their enthusiasm and drive allows us to work well for 
        > members.
        > So, roll on November 18th in Galway!
        > It was great catching up with you afterwards Sean for a few cold ones 
        > we must do it again sometime soon.
        > Take care,
        > Tony
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        > From: "Sean Loftus" < seanlofty@xxxxxxxxxx >
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        > Subject: [vicsireland] Vics training day
        > Dear all, 
        > Thanks to everyone involved in planning and carrying out last 
        > Vics training day. I am in full agreement with my fellow participants 
        > the day was an enormous success. It is a great tribute to Vics that 
        > of the committee willingly gave up a Saturday to provide this 
        > for us. The material handed out at the conclusion of the day's 
        > c D, braille and other desired formats will certainly keep me 
occupied for 
        > some time to come.
        > I would urge any Vics members with a wish to improve their computer 
        > to watch out for future announcements concerning training days and 
        > Well done Vics committee. 
        > Sean Loftus.
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        >  the addressee unless otherwise indicated.
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        > Allied Irish Banks

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