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Hi Robbie,

Didn't listen to that yet.

I tend to listen selectively, as the site covers a really very wide range 
of material.

Rick Harmon's reviews are most informative, and Mary Emerson's are also 
worth a listen.

For excellent music, (not to mention interesting contrasts,) check out:

Magnatune Classical:  Mary Emerson. 

Caribbean Calipso Jazz:  andre Louis.    This recording is absolutely 
amazing, and possibly unique -     I’ve never heard steel drums in a jazz 
setting before.  It opens with a  stunning version of "Broadway."

I'm reminded of the first time I saw Breton harpist  and piper Alan 
Stivelle.  the first half of the concert was acoustic folk, with part two 
being rock in which the pipes featured prominently!



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 Well folks, I've just been  royally entertained by the Blind CoolTec 
site. Has anyone listened to the Sirius  Stiletto Demo? I can't believe 
that guy. I laughed out loud to the  puzzlement of my colleagues. Some of 
these contributions have more entertainment  than information value. 
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Hi  Robbie, 

I've no experience of Linuxx   and don't know if you can run both 
operating systems on the one  machine. 

However, take a look at 

I think Linux features have been posted on  both the Blind Cool Tech and 
main Menu sites. 


Hope this helps. 

Keep the blues coming! 



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Hi  folks! 
I've never had anything to  do with Linux, but need to get  into it 
somehow. Is there a way of familiarising myself  with Linux,  without 
having to wipe Windows off my machine? What would be the  best way  for a 
beginner to approach Linux?I'd also appreciate infos about Orca.  I'm told 
it's an open source speech output. How effective is  it? 
Thanks,  Robbie 


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