[vicsireland] Re: JAWS 8 and Templates.

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Hi Damien,
Does  the word template contain  a form?
If so,  it really  depends on how  the form was created.  There are
guidelines for   creating  accessible   word forms.
I would suggest  looking  at   the   microsoft word  section  in the  jaws
online help.  Specifically look at  the  helpful hints for word section,
where you will find info  on navigating  word forms.

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Hello everyone.
I wonder if anyone can help. I've sent this query to the jaws light user
group and had no response so thought I'd try vics members. Please accept my
apologies if this isn't the kind of thing vics Ireland is for but, I'm
getting desperate.
This isn't really a specific question, so, I apologise in advance if I'm
sounding vague. 
I'm currently working through a desktop publishing module on my computer
course and am trying to use JAWS 8 with templates downloaded from the
website into ms word 2007. Once downloaded in order to enter information I
have to click into place views on each template. and then enter specific
However, Jaws doesn't read the downloaded template and I can't seem to
access the areas of the template that require information. Has anyone had
any experience
of using jaws and templates downloaded from the Microsoft website and if so,
can anyone advise me on the best way forward. 
Thanks in advance. 
Damien O'Connor.

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