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  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:21:39 +0100

Hi robbie,   Don't know if it is the same as my old laptop, but the insert
on that is the second in from the right on the top row.

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  Hi folks!
  I've got a new Toshiba laptop and can't work out how to activate the JAWS
Insert key.
  Strangely, the function key, together with the p or the semicolon switches
between the JAWS and PC cursor, but it doesn't act as the Insert key in any
other JAWS key stroke.
  Can someone tell me what to do? Needless to say, I've got the Insert mode
option checked.

  And there's another thing that's new on me. The alt-gr key seams to act
like a caps lock on the control key. So every time I type an at for
instance, the following keystrokes have the same effect as if they had been
pressed together with control. Can that be deactivated?

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