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What's the size limit set by Juice on your amount of podcast storage?  It's
by default set at 1.024 Mb (1 Gb).  (I assume it can be changed, but I've
not had to do this, and cannot for the moment locate where.)  With that many
episodes (90), you might be running close to or over that size limit.  You
might try, instead, selecting just one or a few of the episodes, and then 
you could
start the ball rolling.  You'd probably get downloaded more than you
selected, or I should say that that has been my experience of having made
multiple selections.  There can sometimes be problems with the podcast files
themselves.  "Newstalk seem to have problems with theirs at the moment.)  I
suggest that that sort of thing is indicated by 'needs more work'.  It's 
also possible (if not probable) that one or a few of those 90 episodes are 
faulty files, thus blocking the download.

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I  installed Juice yesterday,  and subscribed to  a podcast I was interested

There  are about  90  previous episodes I wanted to  download.

I select the episodes and    then  click on  tools->check selected.

 However,  Juice  doesn'  download anything.

I looked in  the log file,  and the below  is reported:

Pass #1: downloading feeds and looking for enclosures
Figuring out which feeds to scan...
We have one feed to scan.
Pass #1 ended with 90 enclosures discovered.
Pass #2: downloading enclosures...
Filtering 90 discovered enclosures...
0 enclosures need more work.
Pass #2 ended.
Starting auto cleanup.
Finished auto cleanup.
Compacting the history file with a threshold of 60 days.
Last check completed at Tue Jun 26 10:18:50 2007

The   line that stands out is:

0 enclosures need more work.

What exactly does this mean?   What additional work is required?



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