[vicsireland] Digital TV software provides talking menus for the visually impaired, deaf and elderly

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Hi saw this on another list, hope Paul doesn't mind me posting it here

Digital TV software provides talking menus for the visually impaired, deaf
and elderly
September 2, 11:18 AMNY Disability ExaminerTom ScottPrevious
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Bristol/Hong Kong-based Ocean Blue Software, a specialist digital TV
software house, has developed "talking" digital TV technology for set top
boxes and televisions that could potentially benefit millions of people who
are blind, visually impaired, deaf, severely dyslexic, and elderly.

The technology, produced in conjunction with theThe Royal National Institute
of Blind People (RNIB) and other digital technology companies, works by
converting on-screen based text menus into speech output. Consumers will be
able control how the audio information is spoken to them, and have the
ability to change the level of speech and the language through a
customizable interface.

Developers are optimistic that the new technology will improve the quality
of life of 8 million individuals living with disabilities in the UK, and
even more around the world.

Ocean Blue Software also recently produced Nexus TVTM, a digital technology
system with health care features that utilizes a television with a set top
box and a remote control. The system is capable of providing automatic
alerts reminding users which medication to take, and when. Users will also
be able to order repeat prescriptions by scanning a barcode with the remote
control and then forward it to their pharmacist. Individuals with limited
mobility, will be able to shop local stores and markets through the Nexus
TVTM network and have items delivered to their home.

"This is about exploiting technology to give the elderly and vulnerable
every possible comfort and security where they most want it - in their own
homes," said Ken Helps, CEO of Ocean Blue Software, in a company press
release. "At the same time, it addresses one of the greatest challenges for
the British economy - how to finance support for an ageing population."

It will be interesting to see how these technologies fare overseas and if
they will eventually be adopted in the US. For more information, please


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