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Hi Flor,

There is certainly or possibly enough there to be going on with!

I have caught two on line shows of Click to date and I must say that I found
them very easy to follow although it was a video!

There is talk all the way through.

I was delighted to have been able to tune in to it as it was another
beginning for me in making the computer "come alive" for me!

My wife was delighted to walk in and see an on line video on the PC!

Do you know if there is an easy place to get the exact times of those shows
you mention besides having to do a gigantic trawl around in sibor space?


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> Hi Tony,
> There are two (other) BBC related radio programmes on computers &
> that I know of.  One is called iPM, (sharing what we know), and is put out
> weekly on Saturday evenings after either 6.00 or 6.30 hours, on the BBC
> Radio 4 (Web site).  (It is also available ad a podcast.  (iPM -
> Pm? - being a substitute for their 'PM' during the week, perhaps.  I think
> it's re-broadcast on some BBC local stations such as Radio Wales, etc.,
> I can't promise that.)  The other programme I'm familiar with is BBC World
> Service's Digital Planet, broadcast at various times on Monday,  Tuesday
> early Wednesday, also available as a downloadable podcast.  I mention
> in part because the BBC Click-On-Line programme is largely a TV/video
> experience, even over the Web.  between the three of them, they cover much
> common ground.  Thus, I listen to Digital Planet regularly whilst
> occasionally listening to iPM.  I use the Click Online programme if a BBC
> technology article which interests me links to it.  (Of course, I cannot
> all of these things in the same or an approximately same time-frame!)
> is even an NPR  - WPR, World Public Radio - programme, actually) which
> produces a technollogy programme in part collaboration with BBC World,
> as a podcast; and it's also a pretty good show.  There's just loadza stuff
> out there.
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> www.bbcworld.com/click
> It is not the BBC url that possibly most of us might be used to!
> Tony.

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