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Hi Jim!
Could you elaborate on what triggered this response? They actually made
these digital audio books available in response to a blind client who
asked them how he could access their books.
Robbie Sandberg


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Thanks for nothing, South Dublin Library!
Is it appropriate to use tax-payers money for such a discriminatory
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Hi folks!
I've downloaded several books from the South Dublin Libraries website
since it was introduced at the VICS Open Day. They have a good
assortment of audio books and, importantly, many new releases.
The process of downloading books is quite simple, once the OverDrive
Media Console has been downloaded and installed. This software is
necessary to manage the downloaded books. It looks a bit like the
Windows explorer. In the tree view you can select a title for instance
and when you tab down to the list view you will find the actual audio
The software uses Windows Media player to play the files and it requires
you to install a security update for the media player, without which you
won't be able to play them. This is done automatically after the
OverDrive Media Console is installed. You just need to confirm that you
want this to happen.
It's possible to play the files in Winamp, but only on the same
computer, due to the copy right protection. And here we come to a wee
crux. You can't copy the audio files to another device using the Windows
Explorer. That is, you can, but they won't play. You need to do it in
the OverDrive Media Console using ctrl.t for Transfer. The software then
searches for portable media players plugged into the computer. Only it
doesn't recognise Rockbox as a media player. I reckon this is because
Rockbox replaces the original firmwhere and consequently the device is
not identified as a portable media player by the OverDrive Media
Console. For Rockbox users this means you can't listen on the move. 
Apart from this little set-back I'm quite happy with the program and the
download process. The OverDrive Media Console is accessible and has easy
to remember key strokes for play and pause, transfer and burn ETC. Once
it is installed you just click on "Listen, Read, Digital Books" and use
the categories on the website to locate a book you want and click on
"Add to my basket". You can then either click on "proceed to check-out"
or on "Continue browsing". If you proceed to check-out the books are
listed in individual tables with a button for download underneath each
book. When clicking on "Download" you first need to confirm the target
folder. Then the OverDrive Media Console opens and you need to select
which parts of the book you want to download. The parts are simply the
individual audio files. You can tab down to the "Check All" button and
press enter, then tab further to OK. 
Note that if you have checked out a book, it appears in the "My Loans"
section and the 3 weeks count-down begins, even if you haven't yet
downloaded it.
You can find detailed installation instructions for the OverDrive Media
Console at the following URL.
The URL for the library website is:
For those of you from the outer regions who weren't at the Open Day, you
don't have to be from Dublin to join. You just need to obtain a library
membership number and a PIN. The trouble is I couldn't find an email
address for either of the 2 ladies who attended the Open Day. Can the
committee help there?

Robbie Sandberg

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