[vibe] Seeking older blind musicians

  • From: Peter Bosher <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2018 12:00:58 +0000

Hi All,

I'm passing on this request from Baluji Shrivastav and Linda Shanson of the Inner Vision Orchestra, so if you are interested, or if you know of somebody who might be, then please contact them at this address:


We are searching for blind and visually impaired musicians, to record their experiences in post war London pre 1970s ,featuring their personal stories of their involvement in music, and the opportunities and challenges their visual impairment presented, exploring a historical moment in their personal lives when their relationship to music changed.  The musicians will be from different backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities and levels of musical attainment. Though the interviews will be unstructured we will focus on the effects of certain issues, viz:  the interviewee’s choice of musical genre and instrument; technological developments; their education background environment; experience of discrimination and its effect; whether affected by deteriorating sight; whether they were new to the UK at the time.
Each interview will be professionally filmed and we will work with a focus group including volunteers and other blind / visually impaired musicians, to make selections for our final video edits. We will then edit these into videos, and screen the film and share our findings at 10 community meetings for 300 people. The community meetings will begin by our screening of our new documentary film “Colours of Sound” (the inspiration for this project) with discussions of its inspiring content, and host a small exhibition of stills from the filmed interviews together with loaned memorabilia or photographs. The community meetings will feature live music from members of the Inner Vision Orchestra – to maximise enjoyment.
We will also share the filmed interviews and exhibition photographs via our website, social media platforms, YouTube, media releases, and at Film and Arts festivals, voluntary and community organisations and our contacts in academia and the music industry.

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