(VICT) We Are Losing the Battle

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  • Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 13:51:39 -0700 (PDT)

Ann this post gives more details but not everything.
He is truly telling me its time...
It is with great sadness and horrendous grief that I
let you all know that Met is losing the battle here.
What I saw recently was truly a last rally before he
succumbs. Epilepsy is not claiming my wonderful boy.
What is though is systemic yeast, horrid spondylosis
along his entire spine, and his weak blood brain
barrier. I believe it is possible there is also
something wrong in the brain itself as a result of the
weak blood brain barrier all these years. Just my gut
feeling on that latter one. I won't put him through
any more medical testing just to satisfy curiosity
though as it won't change the outcome here.
My mom was here to take pictures and was of course
saddened and helped me to look at Met realistically.
He has done so much for me for so many years. Its
unbearable to think that I will be alone soon. Though
I hope (unrealistically) we have weeks, I am
really hoping he can hold out until his old vet
returns from vacation on Tuesday. The last thing I
want is
someone we do not know well to do this. 
Only those partnered by an assistance dog could know
how deep this grief goes so I hope you will all keep
me and this marvelous dog in your thoughts and prayers
over the days ahead.
I can not believe I am going through loss yet a third
time in just 9 months. This one is humungous- no words
will ever fully share the depth of this.

Karyn and Met USA, Border Collie mix Service Dog
*As we age together, we treasure the moments*

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