(VICT) Re: too well trained? AKA. what have I done?

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wow rox, what a good question.
Maybe you could try teaching association with the particular car or vehicle you 
are entering, maybe a treat or special treat for that vehicle and have someone 
help you and tell you when the vehicle is there, have the dog stand, maybe you 
can train this well so they only stand for cars or vehicles you are going to 

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I am Deafblind and for years I have relied on my dogs to alert me to  
buses, taxis, friends' cars etc.  My dog would do this by standing  
when she saw the car in question and sort of shaking her butt so that  
the harness handle hit my leg.  They have *ALL* done this.  I haven't  
"trained" it but the dogs learn to anticipate getting in the car and  
the behavior just sort of chains itself together.

Laveau seems to be the exception to this rule, of course.

We'll be waiting for a cab/bus/friend and I'll put her in a down/ 
stay.  When the car pulls up, all of my other dogs would stand and  
smack my leg with the harness.  Laveau just lays there and waits for  
me to tell her what to do.  I can't tell her what to do though because  
I don't know that the car is there.

How can I get her to stand up when she sees a familiar vehicle?  My  
other dogs only alerted for specific cars or buses and they each  
probably know over 15 different vehicles.
I'm totally at a loss here.  I can do training set ups but I'm just  
sort of stumped as to how to get her to alert.

Ideas, anyone?

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