(VICT) Re: Update on Met's Itchies/ additional info I received

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  • Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 20:00:16 -0700

Thanks Maureen. The bath was a real temporary fix because of how bad he was. 
I am tempted to try a spot bath with him tomorrow with a wet rag and a dot 
of his shampoo (oils soak in pretty good with as dried out as he got). He is 
still needing Benadryl too which is frustrating.
It is hard doing without his help and I am real worn out- he did carry a 
shirt from one room into the bathroom yesterday for me and does some easy 
retrieves when he is feeling good- but otherwise I am not pushing things as 
his foot is not near as supported as it was with the sheath that was 
initially on it. Since it does seem to be a prime area that could feel some 
stress IMO (but not sure on this) with the way things work wheelchair 
guiding, I want to take it easy. I know when I was using a regular fastener 
on his harness handle- the one on the outside (same side as the leg that had 
surgery) would constantly need replaced from the stress we put on it. I went 
to quicklinks to avoid that problem but in my head I wonder if the handle 
got so much stress could that leg to? I just don't know and since my Dad 
never did videotape when I asked during a time when I could have really seen 
it well enough to determine things for myself, well... Asking andrea or 
anyone like that just does not work. I may ask Scott to watch us sometime 
but not right after the stitches come out. That is slated for wednesday. I 
sure hope its really healed well or if not that they have us wait a couple 
more days. Has anyone else had surgery on a dog where the ability to close 
was tight and it was in a possibly high stress location like this. His 
incision is about 2-2 1/2 inches long but had it been done shorter it would 
definitely have been an ugly closure. Scott always does real good work with 
closing tight things I know that.
Well I am gonna try and convince him to go busy and then head to bed- he 
sleeps a lot right now which frankly is good for me because I need the rest 
too after all the MCS problems lately.


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