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Good boy!

Tami Smith-Kinney

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Its been an interesting week around here. I have been focusing more on=20
hearing alert training but continuing my efforts to work on Thane's =
training in the community. Its very cool how much easier training goes =
if I=20
wear him out a bit first before doing much focus on what he has learned =
do. He is very easily distracted by people still but that is to be =
at his age.
Today though something awesome happened. You know how when people are in =

Driver's ed they always warn you about the double tracks in case another =

train may be coming. Well in Guide training it should be that another =
could be coming giggle
Thane did a wonderful halt at a curbcut when he knew a car was coming =
no cues of any kind from me. After the car went, I told Thane *Across* =
he looked at me and looked the other way and looked at me and *REFUSED* =
go. Another car was coming the other direction that I had not heard! Oh =
I never expected anything like this so soon. Granted we were on the =
streets and there were no people to distract him, but still...
Then we crossed and he used the driveway we need to for a curb cut so we =

could keep on walking. Later when we crossed the street and headed back=20
towards home he also used another driveway for the down curbcut because =
sidewalk ends there.
We have been working with *Back* also as we maneuver together. Early on =
was a hassle to take him to dump the garbage or get the mail. He was =
in my way navigating especially at the mail as they stupidly have about =
mailboxes lined up in a row rather than locked boxes here. Now all I =
have to

do is say back and he takes a step back for me so I can do what I  need. =
practice it as we walk too- doing halt, back, behind, sit, etc. Now that =
have a lesh setup that really works for us things really are picking up.
I think though that he may be getting on the chubby side due to the =

in training indoors and not enough real energy burning activity this =
month. I can not wait until the better weather comes and we can get out =
train more regularly without worrying about rain. Thane gets pretty =
dirty in

this weather.
But for today I am going to sit here and reflect on that awesome traffic =

work Thane did, even if it was on a quieter street with no distractions.

Karyn and Thane=20

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