(VICT) Re: Trust and Teamwork

  • From: "Karyn and Thane" <bcpaws4me@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Vi-clicker" <vi-clicker-trainers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 19:23:01 -0700

What I have not shared on here I don't think is that my Deafness has 
plummetted even further since about two months before I lost Met. There is 
speculation that my MCS or even the cause of my blindness is somehow 
connected to the recent deterioration in my Deafness as well. I have always 
been a puzzle so why would I start doing things simply now? snicker
I relied so much on Met's ears and already do the same with Thane. I 
actually love a dog with a bit of distractibility because I know that there 
are things/ people around me through it. I would hate a dog that is like a 
robot of focus LOL
I had forgotten you were in the Portland area Tamara. Write me off list. I 
read on the website so can not get your email address. I'd like to talk to 
you about the area.
Thane is like Mitzi in that he loves long walks home. If you let him choose 
between the shortcut and a long walk home, its gonna be that walk every 
time! Once he is trained for public transportation, I can see him preferring 
to walk over the bus ride.
I do believe as some have pointed out recently that Thane may be entering 
that second fear period afterall so just in case its the case, for now I am 
just going to do community work here that we can enjoy and not push 
You brought up some interesting things that I think are so common in those 
going more blind. To survive we have to have self confidence in our ability 
to get around but sometimes honestly gaining that is easier said than done. 
Met taught me confidence in myself through many of the new things we did the 
last couple years we were together. Though I had my period of time where I 
was deathly afraid to do anything after losing him, I knew that I had to get 
back into the race.
I don't know if ambulatory blind people still count off feet for navigation 
or not, but in a wheelchair that is so subjective. Even the slightest speed 
alteration and you can wind up in trouble. One benefit though on sidewalks 
is the ability to count sidewalk bumps grin
My neighbor got a kick out of it when he learned that was how I navigate 
around here.
Some of my favorite memories while working with Met were times when we went 
to places unknown to us; as you put it Tamara, exploring. Though we had 
plans underway for doing things specifically, I loved our experiences 
together. Now I feel the same way with Thane. I love feeling his mind think.
I am eager for better weather again so we can head back downtown and 
traverse around again. Although the day we chose to do this last time was 
not the best, the experience is a grand memory.

Karyn and Thane

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