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Karen, that's a very sensible and useful way to set up your shopping list. 
I'd not thought of that. How nice it is to share ideas.
We are not so fortunate to have assistance to help with actual shopping, 
staff are few and far between, but they will help with a few items if 
needed, but not to go around the store with us. I'm way past being able to 
get around the aisles and find things. Today I brought home carrot soup 
instead of milk lol. It seems we can now buy soup in cardboard cartons and 
it's conveniently stored in the dairy section. Well the soup tasted nice 
anyway, but not in the cup of tea.
Regards to you and  Met. Valerie
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Both the stores where I shop have layouts of where
things are for the most part. I get them and scan them
and create a default list on my computer to work off
of which shows aisle numbers where things I regularly
want would be.
Some things I can find myself still- others I ask for
help either from shoppers in the aisle or a store
employee. I have found there is usually not a shortage
of people willing to help Met and I (smile)
Winco does not tend to do a lot of moving around of
stuff which is really great. Safeway does some but
most of what they move is not stuff I have a lot of
need for. I do recall a couple years back when they
moved stuff and I mean just about everything except
the meat and produce- and even the meat department
they moved some. I about came out of my skin! There is
a really neat worker there that has always tried to
help or offered to help me ever since I moved here so
I have never had to sit back and get frustrated unless
the store is crowded. I generally shop early in the
morning when there is not a lot of shoppers also which
does help I believe in being able to get appropriate

Karyn and Met

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