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Hi Julie, that sounds the ideal solution with a store employee helping with 
shopping, not just for the help, but also that they would know where most 
items are located. We don't have such help where I go, but staff will look 
for one or two items if required smile. I do miss the long stretches of 
shops where you would have a mix of different shops and just needed to go in 
and ask for what you want. Nowadays it's all pretty much self serve.
Regards Valerie

employee to read labels, prices and to locate items for me.  I have the
employee pull the cart by the front.  I hold onto the handle with one hand
and heel Belle alongside me.  She doesn't like walking behind the cart.  So
I usually let her walk just to the side and behind the cart.

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those who matter don't mind.

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Subject: (VICT) Shopping etc

> Hi to all on list, this is a bit off topic as it's more how we manage than
> the dogs smile. Regarding supermarket shopping, can anyone on list share
> tips on how they manage this? I don't know if our supermarkets are more
> difficult to navigate and find things, but items here are constantly
> moving
> aisles - and how do folk on list find particular items on shelves?  Do
> some
> have a shopping helper? I find it very difficult to shop in a supermarkets
> and generally the only place I shop there is the deli counter, cheese,
> smallgoods etc where I can ask for what I need.  I can also manage the
> milk/dairy section, but other areas are  difficult. Would love to hear how
> everyone manages shopping. Cheers Valerie
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> Subject: (VICT) Re: Stopping sniffing in markets
> Hi, Dar,
> When I'm in a supermarket or store which has food on low shelves which my
> guide might be interested in, what I do is try to walk on the right side
> of
> the aisles.  That way, the dog is always toward the middle of the aisle,
> away from the shelves, and with my body between him and the distracting
> food
> items.  Since people generally walk on the right side of aisles, this
> works
> out well for everybody.
> I keep the guide on a short leash, and put him at sit while I reach for an
> item on the shelf.  If I need to carry a lot of items, I will use a cart
> and
> pull it behind me instead of pushing it in front of me.  If I need only a
> few items, I will carry a bag or small basket to put the items in while
> I'm
> walking around the store.  Then, if the dog does sniff at something and I
> want to get his attention back, I will ask him to "touch" or "target" my
> right hand.  I can put my right hand in position in front of my body while
> still holding the bag or basket with my goods in it, and the dog can touch
> his nose to the back of my hand.  Then I can c/t.
> Another way to avoid having to give corrections is to do lots of Sandy's
> anti-scavenging lesson practice at home.  Then when you're out in the
> supermarket with your dog, give lots of c/t's for keeping his head
> straight
> and not sniffing the shelves.  After a while the dog will learn that good
> things come from you when he keeps his head away from the shelves, and
> that
> being interested in the food on the shelves does not result in anything
> good
> coming his way.
> I hope that helps,
> Ann
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> Subject: (VICT) Re: Hard to Believe
>> Hi there,
>> I hope you get to feeling better soon.
>> Glad you and the team are growing closer.
>> I enjoy the clicker training very much.
>> Today I couldn't use the clicker with a loaf of bread in one hand and he
>> was
>> sniffing other loaves of bread.
>> I corrected him hard for this one.
>> The one lady asked why I corrected the dog.
>> She didn't ask me but she asked another lady.
>> They both stood back.
>> I don't know how others would have handled the set up.
>> But I did what was fast at the time.
>> Again get well soon.
>> --Dar
>> wishing a
>> backTpack
>> call me at
>> 406-259-1124
>> Every Saint has a past,
>> Every sinner has a future ,
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>> Subject: (VICT) Re: Hard to Believe
>>>I wanted to thank you all for your good wishes for met
>>> and I. I have been real under the weather here so I'm
>>> sorry it has taken me a bit longer than my normal to
>>> reply. We did turn into an awesome team butif you had
>>> asked a number of people early on if they thought we
>>> would succeed (myself included) the response would not
>>> have been very optimistic. There were a number of
>>> times I nearly threw in the towel! Had it not been for
>>> some good friends, we never would have stuck it out. I
>>> would have retired Met to household only assistance
>>> and lived with what I would have called a valuable
>>> learning experience. Fortunately it has been both a
>>> valuable learning experience and a partnership that
>>> will demand mighty big paws to come anywhere close to
>>> what Met and I are. When the time comes hopefully I
>>> will be able to embrace both the concept of starting
>>> anew and be readto say a big Thankyou to Met and move
>>> on.
>>> For now though I am soaking up memories Smile
>>> Had it not been for a number of you here, Met's guide
>>> skills would not be as precise as they have become
>>> today. Years ago I felt safe with Met with the level
>>> of my visual loss but I alwas said I would never feel
>>> that confident in him if my vision got to the loss it
>>> is today. Met and I as a team have been able to wash
>>> away that feeling I had and continue to learn how to
>>> better work with each other. We will always probably
>>> be continuing to learn from one another--- training is
>>> never over
>>> I wish you all long and productive partnerships like I
>>> have been granted with Met
>>> Karyn and Met
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