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I know heat doesn't help Gretch's mood any, but she is out and working a
lot in it. So she has or should have become extremely acclimated. We
walk five miles at least three days a week, and although she is
sluggish, I do believe she is healthy and has a built up tolerance for
working in heat and humidity. 

Sheila Styron, President
Guide Dog Users, Inc.

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Sheila I am so glad this does not seem to be health
related as that can be so difficult.
just a thought here....
Met does not handle heat well due to one of his
medications. When we had to be out in heat, I gave him
some good ice packs. It cooled him down and totally
changed his endurance and ability to work when it got
too warm for him. I am not talking 100 degrees. 75 is
about his tops generally without icepacks unless there
is a breeze along with it. If this might help, it is
certainly an easy fix. If I recall Shelley had done
this for Judson as well. These coats are dogs have to
wear all summer seem so unfair- maybe that is why Met
loses more than he should LOL

Karyn and Met

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