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  • From: Jill Gross <jgross@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 23:36:23 -0400 (EDT)

Hey Shelley, that's great! Please let us know when you submit it to 
BookShare. I had someone recording it for me, but they butchered it 
terribly. I just had "Click to Win" put on tape for me. It focuses on 
training for the conformation ring. It anyone could use this on tape, let 
me know and I will send it off to you. It is recorded on the slow, NLS 
format speed.

Jill and her six pack

On Sun, 25 Mar 2007, Shelley L. Rhodes wrote:

> I have Click to Calm to submit to Bookshare.
> It is half done.
> Shelley L. Rhodes B.S. Ed, CTVI
> and Judson, guiding golden
> juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Carolyn Alexander
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> I know what you mean about wishing more of the dvd stuff was available in
> book form. There are lots of great books out there too that I wish were
> available in audio or as a managable download so I could read them in
> braille. The stuff from the clickertraining site can be downloaded but it
> is in pdf format. I did download a book from there recently and a friend
> had a heck of a time dealing with it and he didn't have adapted equipment.
> I never could have opened the files myself.
> I am fortunate though because my husband runs the recording studeo at a
> regeonal Library for the Blind. So, I can often get stuff read when I want
> it if I am patient. I am proofing a copy of Click to Calm now. I am having
> Click to Win read next. It can be frustrating when there is oodles of
> information out there and you just cana't access it. Oh well, where there
> is a will, there is a way. Have fun spending at SitStay. That place is so
> dangerous. I really could have one full paycheck per month sent straight
> to them. Another goes straight to my vet. <G>
> Jill and the pack of six
> On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, metnme2 wrote:
>> Thanks Jill- I never really looked at the books at
>> sitstay- wow I could spend a bundle there! I wish a
>> lot of those DVDs were available in book format- sigh
>> I order regularly from them though so I just may order
>> some things Smile
>> Karyn and Met

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