(VICT) Re: Non-verbal cues-ideas needed.

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Oh my dear lady,
It is interesting how our brains react to so many things.
Wishing you the best.
I hope you get well soon.
I hope you are not what is called a ginny pig.
Can't spell the word correctly.

Every Saint has a past
Every Sinner has a future

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> Would  removing your eyes help you keep your voice?
> I ask, because if the medicine  for the eyes is effecting the rest of the
> body, I would consider this option.
> Please note, I am not being mean, I am
> concerned on your  behalf.
> Let me clarify.. the med for both the eyes and the voice /breathing is the
> same med.. botox.. it paralyses the muscles that are over-reacting.. it 
> doesn't
> stop the wrong messages my brain is sending, but it stops the muscles from
> receiving them. My brain wiring is the culprit , not the medication. When 
> we
> used it on my eye muscles, i had swelling.. If that happens when using it 
> on
> my  throat, I could die from inability to breathe.
> we are going to re-try it on my eye muscles on Monday.. if it doesn't 
> swell
> then they might try it on my vocal cords.. its not permanent but lasts a 
> few
> months..
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