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Hi Sandy,  the way I was taught obedience was first with hand signals.  sit= a 
palm up moving it slightly up.  down is a palm down moving down.  they seem to 
learn the hand signals before the voice cues and it is easy.
Ridge and Buckley Guide/SD
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  Hi all, I have been off list for a bit because of a new neuro disorder. In  a 
  nutshell, my breathing and vocal cord functions are out of sync and it makes  
  me have a hard time breathing because my vocal cords cut off my breath in  
  mid-breath and I make sharp noisy wheezes every 1-3 seconds. It also chops up 
   talking because of the sudden need to gasp. Probably it is related to my eye 
   spasm disorder but they arent sure. The "reset" mechanism in my brain isnt  
  working right for either problem.. anyhow, that leads me to my next  
  question..one of the treatments they are discussing is to   partially 
paralyze my vocal 
  cords. This will mean that I cannot talk or  will have some difficulty 
  talking. Since the drug is only temporary, it will  have to be repeated every 
  months for the rest of my life..causing the voice  issue each time. It is 
  though because if I react with swelling like I did  when they used it around 
  my eyes the last time, it can be life-threatening..we  are going to try a 
  run on my bad eye on Monday..
  Do you all think it would be possible to retrain Alex with some non-verbal  
  cues? What cues do you use verbally and do you have any ideas of how to cue 
  them  non-verbally?
  I am trying hard to maintain my optimism and humor but it is damn  hard..
  At this point I would choose being non-verbal to the incessant difficulty  
  breathing and the noise ,embarassment of the stridor. People are downright 
  sometimes. I have been ridiculed and demeanedthe past two weeks by the 
  public,my  coworkers, my primary care Dr, the ER nurses/interns and the 
public on  
  busses and trains...Public Ignorance is hell for the person who knows what is 
  happening but cant control their own body. I finally told one person, who  
  nastily kept asking me why I kept making that noise and that it was creepy.. 
  cant control it and thanks for your show of compassion!".. I hope she stops 
  and  thinks next time she is so rude and insensitive. Then again, I am losing 
   faith in humanity.. cynicism is setting in..
  Sandy Foushee
  Infinite Paws-Abilities Training and Service  Dogs
  Teamed with Alexandra Guide/Service Dog
  Colorado Service/Assistance  Dog Club - Trainer.- 

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