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Hi, Karyn,

I'm so sorry that poor Met needs surgery, but I'm glad to hear that you have 
such a good veterinary team and that you will be getting some help from 
IAADP with the bills.  It's a shame that this came up now, just when you 
finally have the new wheels and would like to get out and about more after 
so long being limited to home.  But I know you have learned patience through 
all your and Met's trials, and you have your priorities well in hand.  You 
know that we are all pulling for Met's speedy and full recovery, and we send 
all good thoughts and energy your way.

Don't worry about being off topic here; of course, we want to hear about 
Met's progress and about what is going on with both of you.

Hoping for very positive results for Met,


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> Met will be having surgery- the date is unknown at the moment. I was a
> recipient of an IAADP  VCP grant (Veterinary Care Partnership) for the
> cytology test. From what I learned this morning, I can be granted up to
> $1,000.00 which sounds like it would cover at least most of it. I am 
> waiting
> to hear back from Melissa at the vet office though that they in fact did 
> get
> that OK'd. If not, I work with a wonderful vet and they are willing to 
> work
> with me on the financial aspect. Their priority is Met. Of course I have
> many concerns but Met needs this and I just have to pray he will be OK. He
> will be in the best possible hands for this area that he could be in so
> thats a big plus. The facility is state of the art (built just 3 years ago
> this summer) that can handle anything that happens during surgery too. Met
> has a weak blood brain barrier which is probably what enabled the 
> vaccinosis
> to hit him so hard to begin with- so it could be interesting afterwards. I
> have heard that BCs do have this tendency towards the weaker blood/brain
> barrier- but its not a rule of thumb. The drug being used for anesthesia 
> on
> him is actually one that is used at lower levels for many status epilepsy
> situations by ERs and neurologists for canines so hopefully there will not
> be any problems. They are avoiding valium, Acepromazine (ACE) and Ketamine
> thankfully. Anyway I will keep you all posted about the date, outcome, etc
> For now, I am to leave it open but clean it up with peroxide. We are not
> officially working outside the home now. He gets a walk however far he 
> wants
> but when it was really oozing- there was no way. The peroxide is helping a
> lot though. The cytology basically released the buildup of what was an
> additional problem- a bacterial infection- fun! NOT!
> Anyway sorry for being so OT but thought you would like to know what has
> been decided.
> Karyn
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