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  • From: metnme2 <metnme2@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Vi-Clicker <vi-clicker-trainers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 08:26:11 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for the input on Vet Schools Jill. I have
actually stumbled upon something on the MSU website
(where I plan to send Met's next thyroid workup for
analysis) that answers a lot. I kept asking both my
vet and Dr Dodds who is considered top in the thyroid
field here in the USA if what they were asking me to
do would give false results and both insisted it would
not. I now know their game of having me give meds the
day of testing anywhere from 2-4 hrs early so that I
could fit into my vets schedule was actually falsely
elevating his level because the previous dose still
had anywhere from 2-4 hrs worth of medicine assistance
for him.
As for the relay calls- every business by law is
required to accept relay calls. The law was created
exactly for this reason- that businesses were causing
problems for the deaf because they did not want to
take the time to talk to us.
Relay calls involve me using my TTY device to
communicate to relay who then speaks what I typed to
the person I am calling and then they type back to me
what the person said. Yes it takes longer but I did
give them an option to work with an online TTY service
that would allow them to eliminate relay beyond me
quickly calling and saying I needed to communicate
with them. They chose not to do this or even the one
IM program I can do so its not like I was not being
understanding about their time- to be honest I was
shocked, appalled, you name it I felt it. Even my dad
says though that this place has become more like a
factory and less about the individuals who are clients
with them. 
Anyway I will be doing some calling either today or
tomorrow to the vets in town and seeing what I can
find out about getting care here. The fact that the
clinics are walking distance is a big plus to me so I
am going to look into them first. I have also been
given a few referrals to some clinics as well by some
friends- some with service dogs and some are also
older service dogs as well so hopefully things work
out for us in one of these clinics.

Karyn and Met

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