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Well  now, that is our nephews wife's name.
Cracked me up.
I had to write her and share she is now a dog.
She said that she also was a cat.
a very confused lady giggle.
But it sure made me laugh.
Wishing you the best.

Every Saint has a past
Every Sinner has a future

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> Hi all,
> Just writing to let you all know, training went fantastic, and I have... a
> new... golden girl, called Guinevere, pronounced like Arthur's wife, in 
> the
> King Arthur tales.
> She is 54 lbs, and 22 inches at the shoulder, and about 22 months old. 
> She
> is a little sweetheart and a beautiful little girl, a light cream gold
> color, much lighter than my Juds.
> She is settling into Boston life really well, and her trainer was 
> fantastic,
> smile.
> I attended the Oregon campus this time, and really enjoyed it.
> Judson is doing great at home with my mom and dad and my dad is getting 
> into
> shape because Judson keeps asking for games of fetch, good dog!  Smile. 
> But
> he is happy, and healthy, and I am happy that he is so much.
> Guinevere is mastering the T, well and buses, plus streets, monster 
> parking
> lots, and we took her to the Commons today, and to Cheers.  Smile.  Which
> she loved, except for the pigeons,nand the squirrels, I need to work on
> that, smile.  As long as they aren't right in front of her she is pretty
> good, smile.
> But I and Gwenna are home, and doing great.
> Shelley L. Rhodes M.A., VRT, CTVI
> and Guinevere, Golden lady Guide
> juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
> Graduate Alumni Association Board
> www.guidedogs.com
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> limitations fall from me, my spirit is free.
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