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Hi Jo, I also use a, "yes" accompanied by a thigh slap, or if two free 
hands, a clap, this works well for us when I haven't the clicker with me. 
sometimes forgotten when we go to the park smile. Cheers Valerie.

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I used the clicker training methods and used the word "YES!" as a marker
instead of clicker. Sometimes I use the clicker, but I often forget to have
it with me when I want to use it. So my dog works with "yes" as well. I say
it very positively and enthusiastically, like in all capital red letters,
underlined, bold,  and lots of exclamation marks.  I don't have to say it
loudly.  In fact, as I am in public often with my dog, she responds to most
commands if I whisper.  And a whispered "yes" works well as a marker and if
very difficult for others to hear....certainly it isn't as loud as their
conversations on their cell phones.

I also use a hand signal to indicate praise to my dog. I make a circle with
the end of my thumb touching my forefinger.   I hold my hand in front of me
and give it a quick stacotto movement foreward....it's a hand gesture often
used to indicate OK or Right On.   In the beginning I paired it with food
treats, verbal praise and touching.   Now I can use it all by itself from
several feet away if needed to let my dog know she is doing well.  I often
hear her tail thumping in response, so I know she understands.

These might work if you are training in a place where noise must be kept to
a minimum.


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